Couldn’t see a damn thing

I nearly got busted yesterday when I ventured over to the CSUN student union to try to get a glimpse of Hillary Clinton.

A decent-sized crowd (they claimed 2,000) showed up but most didn’t get to go inside and hear her talk. A couple of us profs stood on top of a picnic table to get a better glimpse when a student union flunky marched over and tried to order us to sit down. Heh.

Looked like they only let in Democratic activists, select CSUN students in school attire, and a handful of university administrators.

Some Ron Paul supporters showed up with sexist signs (or maybe they were extras from that ’70s show), a couple of impeach Bush signs were brandished, and a class of what appeared to be high school kids milled about (at one point shouting, “Go Obama.”)

Here are some lame photos and a video with good audio of Hill greeting the crowd.


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