Think you’ve got it bad?

Students and faculty alike always have lots of complaints on the first day of classes – courses are full, parking is tight, books are expensive, copy machines break down. Got a little perspective this morning from an e-mail from my colleague, Alexis Krasilovsky, a professor in our Cinema Television Arts Department. Alexis is in Bangladesh presenting her documentary, “Women Behind the Camera,” at a film festival. Turns out she’s also joined in some student protests at Dhaka University.

Alexis reports that students and faculty were jailed in a conflict with the government back in August and the ones in this photo she took a couple of days ago were calling for their release. Bangladesh has been under a state of emergency since last January with students and professors playing a leading role in challenging their government to behave more democratically. It was announced just a few hours ago that the government had released the academics.

So I guess I can’t really complain about the long lines at Freudian Sip, ’cause it could be a lot worse.