What do online newspaper audiences want?

The Seattle PI‘s online AME Michelle Nicolosi says that to attract viewers, newspaper websites need:

  • Photos but not video. (She did give a shout-out to the Flip: Why bother with high-end tools when no one’s paying any attention? Instead: Think Soundslides.)
  • Entertainment, Pet and Health news. (Stories about Paris Hilton’s dog’s kidney stones will send your viewership soaring.)
  • Non-text/non-evaluative “reviews.” Just post some video of the event (or better yet, get the audience to post theirs). I guess it’s called a reView.

Speaking at the 15th annual National Writers Workshop at Cal State Fullerton this weekend, Nicolosi said, if your story/graphic/video can’t bring home the pageviews, then rethink if it’s worth the resources.

There was a bunch of other important stuff on the other panels, but I’ve gotta put my kitty’s latest photo up on CuteOverload.


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