Photojournalism joins the re-write team

The LAT continues its march into the future, announcing this change in organizing the staff:
clipped from
Today, we are also creating a fully integrated department in editorial that will serve our site and our newspaper, combining our print photo, Web photo and video operations into one new department: Visual Journalism.

2 thoughts on “Photojournalism joins the re-write team

  1. Wow, Melissa!

    You have done a month’s worth of work integrating Newsplex 2008 into your blog! I returned home Saturday afternoon after driving much of Friday and Saturday morning. My mind is still trying to process the week. Judging from your blog, your trip home must have been restful!

    Your description of the Newsplex halls reminds me of this story in today’s NYT. Are you an Ian Fleming fan?

    I look forward to spending time with your blog.

    Richard Ganahl

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all too.

    Thanks for the link — I am a James Bond fan. Go figure.

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