Waiting for Esha

Strange times when your department is plastered with pleas for one of your own students to be freed, but that was the kind of fall semester we had.

After the Iranian government first said our graduate student, Esha Momeni, was free to leave Iran, then wouldn’t give her back her passports, one of my colleagues lamented that we were experiencing our own transnational version of  “Waiting for Godot Esha.”

As the new year begins at the College of Arts, Media and Communication, we’re still wondering if Esha, who was previously jailed for working on her master’s thesis about the Campaign for Equality, will be back for spring semester at the end of the month.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Esha

  1. What has been done to free Esha, other than signing the petition to Iranian authorities? Why is this case not being rperiodically eported in the news?

  2. Yes, I want to know that….I hope someone pays attention to this…I know I will tell as many people as I can!!…I know one thing, I am not planning to go to the middle east any time soon: maybe never….

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