“Different Views of Iran & Iranian Women”: Beyond the Stereotypes

Different Views of Iran

Photo by PAYAM PERSIAN / payam naserinezhad (via Creative Commons)

We’ll be hosting a panel discussion about Iran and Iranian women at Cal State Northridge on Monday March 2 inspired by our graduate student Esha Momeni who has been forbidden to leave Iran for more than 100 days.

Esha was interviewing members of the One Million Signature Campaign, a peaceful grassroots group seeking gender equality in Iran, when she was arrested and placed in solitary confinement in October 2008.  She was released after nearly a month, but has not been allowed to come home.

  • Esha’s fellow graduate students Kara Lawton and John Daiquioag will describe how her classmates joined together to work to try to free Esha.
  • One Million Signature Campaign member Roja Bandari will discuss what some are calling the most important civil rights movement in the world today.
  • Code Pink activists Rae Abileah and Ariel Vegosen will detail their citizen diplomacy efforts and their visits to a country that the US does not have official relations with.

While Esha won’t be with us, the spirit of her ideas and values will be.

UPDATE:  See the video of this event.


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