Iran & Iranian Women Panel on KPFK

One of the most important civil rights movements in the world today is going on in Iran where women, especially those under 30, are calling for gender equality.  They are being imprisoned, fined, harassed and banned from leaving their country.

A Cal State Northridge Journalism Department’s panel discussion about this topic also revealed that:

  • CSUN MA student Esha Momeni, who was imprisoned in Iran and has not been allowed to leave for more than 100 days, did not find feminism in the West as the news media have reported . She found it in Iran.
  • The website for one of the key women’s rights groups, Campaign for Equality, has been blocked by the Iranian government 19 times.

Hear this and more from  Roja Bandari of the One Million Signature Campaign talking about the status of Iranian women and their Campaign for Equality Audio only:

Video of her talk, Part 1:

Part 2:

Also hear from Ariel Vegosen and Rae Abileah of CodePink who discuss citizen diplomacy, common misconceptions about Iran and their trip to that country as part of an interfaith dialogue.  They note:

  • Only 500 Americans travel to Iran every year.
  • Although the US is demanding Iran not have access to nukes, the American government introduced nuclear power to Iran under the Shah.



6 thoughts on “Iran & Iranian Women Panel on KPFK

  1. Great website! keep up the good work. I love KPFK! I hope to see an Iran free of arabic culture. An Iran free and independent.

  2. mr./ms. momeni: I would like to see an Iran free of gender discrimination as well as racism (including racism against arabs).

  3. Women are beaten, arrested, killed, in Iran and Code Pink fools go there for an “interfaith dialogue”?

    Talk about feminism…

  4. There is obviously a lot to consider about this issue, but it seems like a lot of it has already been covered here. I guess I need to put my thinking cap on and figure out something else to add that hasn’t already been said….

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