Future journos: Promote yourself

As the competition for scoring journalism gigs soars, a panel of experts at CSUN today advised student journalists to use social networking to promote their work and to have a Plan B.

Liz Ohanesian,  a freelancer for the LA Weekly who specializes in pop culture, music, and LA

Original photo by austinevan http://www.flickr.com/photos/austinevan/3259931677/

See austinevan's original photo here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/austinevan/3259931677/

subcultures,  advised:

  • Go to online forums and chat.  It’s a good way to meet editors and writers and also to find sources.
  • Have a good profile on Facebook, your blog, etc. that reflects your interests and includes links to your clips.
  • As soon as your story comes out, make sure everyone instantly knows about it via your social networks.
  • Respond to your audience – reTweet their posts, reply to comments on your blog,  link to them, etc.

You can find examples of how Liz does this on her pages at MySpace and Facebook as well as her Twitter page and BlipTV site.

Greg Lanier, TV drama writer, freelancer and former long-time print journalist, recommended students consider graduate school for the next couple of years until the economy perks up.   He suggested students have a Plan B and maybe Plans C (“something  to do with writing”), & D (“loading trucks”) as well.

Novelist and former journalist Paula Yoo, who likened the students to Hobbits rallying to save journalism’s future, recommended traditional networking with groups such as the Asian American Journalists Association.

No matter what the future of the journalism industry is, Lanier reminded students that for each of them, “You have to scratch and claw to make your own destiny.”


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