News about our grads


Anasa Sinegal

Recent CSUN grad Anasa Sinegal documents her search for a job in what may be the worst economic climate since the Depression on the wonkster employment blog, Workforce Developments, this week.   Anasa is one of our top students, an Emmy winning former television journalist, who won thesis of the year in our department last spring.  As HuffPost columnist Laura Chapin writes, the current 18-35 generation is facing a difficult economic future.   In the meantime, Anasa is continuing her public intellectual work and will join former classmates John Daquioag and Esha Momeni on a panel later this fall at Cal Poly’s Global Citizenship conference.

Sarah Rosenblum, a graduate from a few years ago, recently landed a new job as events coordinator at the G2 Gallery after an extensive search in the turbulent SoCal job market.  A very active gallery in Venice with lots of cool events,  G2 focuses on environmental issues.  Sarah’s former classmate, Treepon Kirdnak, who teaches at Bangkok U in Thailand, is the co-author of a new study (w/ me!) that I will present at a conference at UC Riverside on Saturday.  Treepon works a grueling schedule at his university and I’ve been amazed at how he’s still been able to come up with so many fresh insights.   Must be something in the Som Tom.

Another graduate of our program, Liz Ohanesian, who has been pounding LA’s streets as a freelance writer and racking up the bylines at LA Weekly, will talk about how she has built a free-lance writing career in one of my journalism classes tomorrow morning.  I am going to try to live stream with my cellphone via Qik.  Wish me luck!


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