Cool stuff about our grads

News about alums of our graduate program:

Seth Koury’s thesis project, the documentary, “Sounds of Beirut”:

  • won a Park City Music Film Festival Gold Medal for Excellence
  • was nominated for Best Documentary-Political and Best Cinematography at the Action on Film Festival in Pasadena
  • won an “Award of Merit” from the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood
  • was accepted at the Flagstaff Film Festival; the International Film Festival of Ireland; and the Kansas International Film Festival.

Watch the trailer for the film.

Claire Rietmann-Grout’s thesis project, the documentary, “Dear Devils,” about her time on a Swiss softball team, screened at the All Sports Film Festival in Los Angeles, and on a local television channel in Half Moon Bay.

Sahar El Zahed has been accepted into the PhD program in Cultural Studies at Claremont Graduate School for this fall.

Liz Ohanesian, a writer with LA Weekly online, was invited to guest blog with  Boing Boing.

A study of geotagging conducted by Bangkok U’s Treepon Kirdknark  (& me) was presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference in Denver in August.

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4 thoughts on “Cool stuff about our grads

  1. My sincere congrats to Sahar. I remember our ad hoc panel with Dr. Wall and a couple of other grad students on the potential arrangement of slides for the Israeli/Palestinian research poster in Manzanita Hall.

  2. I think a cohort system has its advantages. People are more inclined to engage each other and provide support. A shared experience of “academic pain” makes long papers and books more tolerable. There’s also less likelihood of divisive competitiveness, and more collaboration because people know they’re in for a long haul.

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