From Bangladesh to Beirut: Peace, Love and All That Good Stuff

Some days remind me of what a great job I have.  This was one of them.  

In the morning, I caught up with an alum from our undergraduate program, Andrea Barkan, whom I taught in one of my first classes at CSUN.  Since then, Andrea has worked as a reporter for Southern Oregon’s Curry Coastal Pilot and at the Ventura County Star, then as grant writer. She is also now honing her creative writing talents.

She also visited Bangladesh through a program run by Rotary International to further cross-cultural understanding and fellowship. Andrea told me that despite Bangladesh’s economic poverty, the people she met were rich in social networks. She and her fellow exchange participants blogged about their experiences (in Andrea’s case using an iPod Touch and a wireless connection) at 5240.

I ended the day with a visit from an alumof our MA program, Seth Koury, who has been screening his award-winning documentary “Sounds of Beirut” at festivals, well, literally around the world — from Ireland to Lebanon. The doc is about the vibrant and diverse music scene in Lebanon’s capital. The latest good news is that the film was selected for the Monaco International Film Festival Angel Film Awards, which honors non-violent films.   (Trailer.)

Seth was the 2009-2010 winner of our Thesis of the Year in the Journalism Department.


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