Can it be a British invasion if they’re already here?

Over at Nieman Lab, Ken Doctor outlines the various efforts by British news media to gain more of an American foothold online in order to shore up eroding balance sheets.  But is this new?

Photo by Ell Brown, Creative Commons License

In two studies — “Window on a Wider World” and “BBC News in the U.S.: A ‘Super-Alternative’ News Medium Emerges” — Dougie Bicket and I argued that elite British news media such as the BBC, The Economist and the Guardian experienced large increases in US audiences not long after 911.  We suggested that the British news media were filling a void created by shrinking US international news coverage as well as providing a broader range of liberal political views.

The BBC in particular carries an aura of credibility and independence from US forces that sets it apart from US mainstream news media.  Yet its rise is not without problems. The conservative triad of blogs, print media and think tanks try to keep even foreign media such as the BBC in line once they show up on our shores. (See The “Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation”: US conservatives take aim at the BBC).


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