Egyptian activists + new media icons @AsmaaMahfouz & @monaeltahawy speaking at Beirut’s LAU today #iwd2012

Beirut celebrates International Women’s Day with an amazing panel of women activists speaking at Lebanese American University:

Asmaa Mahfouz became an international symbol of the Egyptian revolution last year through the viral distribution of a series of vlogs featuring her calls to action for the initial protests in January 2011 that led to the toppling of the regime.  I wrote a paper about the meaning of those videos with Sahar El Zahed and we’re working on a longer follow-up.

Mona Eltahawy, a speaker and activist also well known for her social media work, Tweeted her own arrest in Cairo arrest last November, inspiring a global response via Twitter (see the Storify account).  There’s a fascinating account by Zeynep Tufekci of the role Twitter users played in helping track and challenge Eltahawy’s arrest (it’s also great example of academic analysis done on the fly.)

Other speakers include Hanaa Al-Sayaghi from Yemen, and Tunisian blogger, Fatma Riahi.


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